1. What is Cosmic Chi?

  • Cosmic Chi is an innovative platform, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights. We provide unlimited online daily Tarot readings, personalized sessions, and carefully curated physical items to enhance your spiritual journey.

2. How does the Tarot Reading work?

  • Our Tarot readings are accessible online. Simply visit our website, choose the Tarot reading option, and receive insights into various aspects of your life. For personalized sessions, we offer tailored readings crafted to address your specific questions and concerns.

3. Do you offer physical items for purchase?

  • Yes, Cosmic Chi provides a selection of physical items to complement your spiritual practice. Explore our collection, each chosen with the intention of bringing positive energy into your life.

4. Can I get a refund or return for my digital Tarot card reading session?

  • No, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for any item purchased including physical and digital items, including Tarot card reading sessions. All sales of digital services and physical items are final.

5. What if I receive a damaged or defective physical item?

  • In the rare event that you receive a damaged or defective physical item, please contact our customer support team within 3 days of receiving your order. We will work with you to address the issue promptly.

6. How can I contact Cosmic Chi's customer support?

  • You can reach our customer support team by emailing cosmicchi369@gmail.com. We are here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have.

7. Can I cancel my order?

  • Cosmic Chi does not allow order cancellations once an order has been placed. Please review your order carefully before confirming your purchase.

8. Is there a community or forum for Cosmic Chi users?

  • Currently, we do not have a dedicated community or forum. However, you can connect with us and fellow users on our social media platforms to share experiences and insights.

9. Is my personal information secure with Cosmic Chi?

  • Yes, we take the privacy and security of your personal information seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we handle your data.

10. How frequently does Cosmic Chi update its Tarot readings and physical item collection?

  • We regularly update our Tarot reading offers to provide fresh and relevant insights. Our physical item collection is also periodically refreshed with new additions. Keep an eye on our website for the latest offerings.

Have a question that's not answered here? Feel free to reach out to us at cosmicchi369@gmail.com, and we'll be happy to assist you!